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Sridevi’s daughter opens up on getting inked on her private part

Sridevi’s daughter opens up on getting inked on her private part

Dhadak fame ‘Janhvi Kapoor’ appeared with her younger sister ‘Khushi Kapoor’ on Neha Dhupia’s ‘BFF’s with Vogue’. Sridevi’s younger daughter not only talked about her tattoo love but also opened up on her tattoo on lower back. According to report, the tattoo on Khushi’s lower back reads ‘khud ki raah banao’.
Sridevi’s daughter opens up on getting inked on her private part

Bollywood’s very own Kardashians would be seen sharing screen space for the very first time in this chat report suggests that the sister duo talked about several things including their star parents, lovers and fashion on the show. However, Khushi’s love for tattoo caught our attention as she got inked without approval of her star mother.

‘Sridevi’ never approved of Khushi’s craze for tattoo and was shocked after knowing that her daughter got inked thrice without informing her. According to report, the 18-year-old star kid has a total of three tattoos on her body. Khushi’s first tattoo includes birthdates of her family members in Roman on her midriff. Her second tattoo is bestie’s name and the third tattoo is on her lower back which reads ‘pave your own path’ in Hindi.
Janhvi Kapoor

Khushi talked about Sridevi’s reaction on her tattoos on Neha’s show. She stated as mentioned in report: "I didn't tell mom and dad where I got it. She found out because she was on Instagram and she saw a picture of me and a friend of mine and I was wearing a low-cut T-shirt. She was like, 'Khushi! Did you get a tattoo?' And I had not told her. I had just asked her, 'Can I get one?' She was like, 'No, you're not.'"
Janhvi  Kapoor sister

The late star Sridevi was initially worried if Khushi’s tattoo has something to do with boy’s name or birth date. However, she got relieved after knowing that Khushi’s tattoo includes all of their birthdates. The 18-year-old star kid revealed that she got embarassed after getting inked on her private part.

You would be surprised to know that Khushi’s first cousin ‘Sonam Kapoor’ also got inked on her hip in her teenage. report suggests that Sonam’s tattoo is her name in Chinese language.

What do you have to say about trend of getting inked on private part? Share your views in the comments.

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